Sustainable Building Materials

Building walls with Durisol is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our Durisol walls combine recycled timber and engineered concrete to create an incredibly strong and insulating wall structure which improves your comfort and cost of living.

  • Made from over 85% recycled products
  • Overall system R value ranging from 2.7-5.5
  • Fireproof (4 hour fire rating, 0 smoke spread, 0 flame spread)
  • Moisture, impact, termite and vermin resistant
  • Soundproof
  • Promotes Healthy Interiors (breathable & mold inhibiting)

Internorm windows are custom made, top class and sustainable.

Our Internorm windows are built specifically to your home requirements. Their sophisticated and technologically advanced European design comes direct from Austria.

  • Uw values as low as 0.63
  • Architectural profiles
  • Soundproof
  • Built-in ventilation and air exchange systems for sealed homes
  • Burglar-proof profiles

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Sustainable design and sustainable materials, meaning lasting efficiency.