A better way to build


We are thinking forward when it comes to building the Australian home.

Australian building practices have fallen behind the rest of the world in terms of the quality and performance of our houses. At Emerald Custom Homes we do not accept this status quo.

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Australians have been building the same way for decades without improvement. Here at Emerald Custom Homes, we strive to innovate through building methods and materials to ensure our homes are sustainable, superior and energy efficient.

Our building system can achieve a home with a 10 star energy rating. This significantly improves your carbon footprint, allows you to be non-reliant on the grid to heat and cool your home, and will save you money on your energy bills.

Typical Australian House


  • Brick Veneer

  • Thermal mass on the outside

  • Timber frame for structural strength, prone to cracking

  • Gaps in Insulation batts

  • High thermal leaking & poorly sealed openings


  • Typically aluminium, which has high thermal conductivity

  • Single glazed

  • Overall Uw Value of typically greater than 6

Roof Space

  • Largest area affected by the sun

  • Insulation on ceiling + many gaps for thermal leaking throughout roofspace

  • Typically low overall R value

Put simply, although Australian houses are built to a 6 star energy rating, they generally only achieve 4.5 stars. This means these homes rely heavily on the grid to heat and cool in the harsh Australian climate.

Emerald Homes


  • Insulated concrete formwork

  • Thermal mass sandwiched between insulation

  • Engineered concrete walls for structural strength

  • Continuous, unbroken insulation – No thermal leaks

  • Very well sealed


  • Thermally Broken uPVC window frames, very low thermal conductivity

  • Double and triple glazed units with Inert Gas insulation

  • Overall Uw Value of typically less than 1

Roof Space

  • Strong structure – perfect for Solar energy capture and storage

  • Sealed structure to minimise thermal leaking

  • High quality insulated structure to give a typical insulation value of >R10

At Emerald Custom Homes we build to a minimum 7 star energy rating, with the ability to achieve 10 stars. This means you greatly improve your carbon footprint, are non-reliant on the grid to heat and cool your home, and save money.

We are committed to high quality sustainable results