Sustainable Homes

Our vision is sustainable, quality and energy efficient homes for all Australians.

What sustainability means to us:

  • Energy efficient homes with minimal grid demand
  • Homes designed to maximise solar energy usage
  • Using materials which minimise heating and cooling requirements
  • Building the highest quality forever homes to last through generations

We do it without sacrificing style ...

This means a lasting high quality, energy efficient and comfortable home for you.

  • Experience customisable comfort all year round - cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter
  • Enjoy peace and quiet with our cutting-edge noise control designs
  • Significantly reduce your energy bills, saving you money
  • Gain more time to relax and do the thing you love, with our low maintenance and durable designs
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our structurally superior build

We achieve this through our superior building methods and innovative products.

Building walls with Durisol is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our Internorm windows are custom made, high quality and sustainable.

More about our sustainable materials ...

Our walls combine recycled timber with engineered concrete to give you incredible structural strength and excellent energy efficiency. We utilise contemporary European architectural double and triple glazed windows which can be integrated with cutting-edge climate control and security systems.

We combine superior materials with building systems designed for the harsh Australian climate. From high roof insulation and insulated slabs to sealed building envelopes, our methods and materials ensure your house does not leak energy.

Improving your carbon footprint and saving on your energy bills